Practice Gratitude

As I have been practicing Gratitude daily for the last 30 days, I want to acknowledge that it is not easy.

Some days, finding a happy simple moment of happiness is too easy, it just finds you. I started these 30 days when I was on vacation in South Italy. The tasty gelato, the refreshing hours swimming, the beauty of the landscape, the chance to have time and money to be on vacation… Not only finding 1 moment to be grateful for was easy but I had plenty to choose from!

Other days I had to dig very deep to find a ray of light. But since I had committed to find daily happy moments, I had to do find something.

“There is no prescription for finding moments of gratitude in every day;

there is simply the choice.” ― Gillian Deacon

“To live a life of gratitude is to open our eyes to the countless ways in which

we are supported by the world around us.” ― Gregg Krech

And I did: a friend calling me, a client thanking me, getting hooked by a new book, a cute video of my nephew, taking time to cook a healthy dish, feeling good after painting my nails, feeling good after my Pilates class, hugging my man in the morning, being able to support a friend…

I can go on and on. Because once you start looking for these simple moments of joy, that are there but that we might overlook, they start appearing. I was very mad at my husband the other day, and after my meditation I thought that in the big picture I am grateful for this man, so why don’t I calm down and try to approach him coming from a place of love instead of anger? It forced me to change my perspective on the situation and to approach with a different intention which impacted him too in a positive way and allowed us to have an open heart conversation and resolve our issue.

But it does not always come naturally because we naturally focus on the negative. This is why it is called “practicing gratitude”, because it is hard to do. It is totally normal to have days where we just need to hide, feel the pain, vent or else. It is ok to have bad days. But we can decide to get out of them. We can consciously look for the lesson, the opportunity and the love. We can decide that life is better if we make it more fun and more meaningful.

So how about you practice Gratitude every day for 30 days and see what happens?

Big hug,