Life-Transition Coaching

I work with people who feel stuck, disconnected or are craving a change.

I help you build a better relationship with yourself so you can be in control of a life you love.

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Do you feel stuck? Are you tired of being on auto-pilot?

After a 5-year relationship your partner breaks up with you. You feel like you were not enough and wonder what is wrong with you. You even wonder who you are now that you are single after all this time.

You are at a party with friends and you can’t help but to compare your life with theirs. It makes you feel that everyone is doing better than you. You feel like a failure or "behind schedule”.

Tonight, after putting the kids to bed, all you want is to be alone and watch Netflix. But you hear an inner voice telling you that you probably should do something “productive”. You feel selfish, can’t relax and you dive into too many sweets for comfort.

It is Sunday morning and you are awake but enjoying not having to get up right away. You are thinking that your life is fine. You have a nice apartment, friends and a job that pays the bills. However, you can’t shake off the feeling that something is missing. You get up and put on the radio to avoid thinking about this too much.


It is time to work on the most important relationship: the one with yourself!

Discover, love and express who you are so you can find peace and inner happiness.

Learn how to deal with your fears so they don’t hold you back.

Take responsibility and make choices to be at the cause of your life, instead of its effect.

Design what the next steps in your life are.

Attract the right people to make meaningful connections.