Research has found that among the most common reasons people give for their divorce are the lack of preparation for marriage, unrealistic expectations and too much arguing.

So you have found the person that makes your heart skips a beat and makes you want to commit: Congrats!

… Oh boy, I bet it was not that easy to find your special someone and you are grateful that you did: maybe you went on a lot of bad dates, you have been ghosted, maybe you had to get back up from a divorce or it took you a long time to realize it was your friend all along.

You are moving in together, maybe you are engaged, newlyweds or are starting a family: in any cases you are committed to your partner!

... Now what?

Research shows that when couples attend coaching BEFORE getting married it increases their chance of having a successful marriage by 30% and help them reaching out for help faster in case in case of a crisis.



I am Stef, your Relationship Coach

My calling to the field of life coaching came in 2012 after my divorce. I started to coach women to help them heal and thrive after a divorce. I also witnessed many people reaching out for help when it was already too late to “save” anything. So, I thought, there MUST be something to do to reduce the divorce statistics and help people at the BEGINNING of their engagement, BEFORE it is too late!

Breaking up is not something that happens overnight. It is a slow process. If you invest in your relationship from the beginning, you are setting yourself up for success. Unfortunately, couples tend to invest a lot of money in the wedding ceremony but not in the marriage itself.

I want to give you all the tools, support and guidance so you can take control of the success of your relationship, from the beginning of your commitment.

I want to set you up for success in your relationship, because love is one of the thing that makes life worth living!

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You are committed to your partner…

Now what?

Your friend is getting divorced and you are comforting her. You wonder what happened since her relationship seemed fine from the outside… You were at her wedding just 2 years ago. Since statistically 50% of married couples end up breaking up, you wonder who is next among your friends… OMG! Not you!?! What could you do to stack the odds in your favor?

You have just moved in with your partner. Since the move, you keep arguing about small things. You love each other for sure but you keep noticing that you need more space and wish things were done differently! You wonder how to talk about this new dynamic to your partner without making things worse.

After your divorce you thought you were broken, not capable of trusting or love again… And yet, here you are: you found someone who made you believe in love again! You wonder how to make sure you don’t get divorced a 2nd time. You certainly didn’t think the 1st marriage would end but it did. How to do things differently so it lasts this time?

You are getting married in 1 year. You are in love, very excited and busy with wedding preparations. However, you can’t help but being a bit worried about a few issues that came up while living together. Should you discuss them before the wedding?

You recently had a baby! You feel different… You are different! Your partner also seems different… How to put words on these new feelings, new needs, new expectations? How to communicate them? How to know what is going on for your partner? How to make sure your couple still grows and that you don’t become just roommate managing the logistic and finances for the kids?

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Stack the odds in your favor: plant the right seeds to grow with your partner over the years!

There is no such thing as a “perfect relationship”.

But if you want to…

- Express your needs so you can be happy in your relationship.

- Create a common vision so you can: work towards the same goals, create your own rules, grow with your partner, avoid unnecessary conflicts, make sure to make your partner happy.

- Stop being afraid of conflicts and grow stronger from all your arguments.

- Maintain your intimacy level and maybe even spice it up to keep it interesting.

- Have fun in your relationship.

- Be better prepared to handle the challenges life will throw at you.

- Let go of anxieties generated by your previous relationships so it doesn’t impact negatively the new one.

… then you are in the right place: my coaching is what you need!